Hi, I’m Sam Hogwood, I’m the founder of Escape From the City Copywriting and Research.

The world of business often feels like a battlefield of noise and hustle, leaving the more thoughtful, quieter ones feeling drowned out and invisible.

It’s challenging for many business owners like you to express your inner thoughts effectively. If you’ve ever felt overpowered by the racket around you, I truly understand. It’s tough to make yourself seen and heard when everyone else around you is shouting.

I started my copy and research business, because I know how difficult it is to say exactly what you mean in a world dominated by people who can’t stop talking!

I help business owners like you turn their incredible, fabulous ideas into words that get you found by your dream clients in a way that makes you seen, heard and valued. I create copy that reflects who you are to your core, so your true character shines through every sentence and makes you irresistible to work with!

As a result, you get to focus on what you do best – showing up as YOU and delivering the thing your clients are dying to get their hands on!

Sam J Hogwood, expert copywriter

I create copy that captivates and persuades your audience, drives sales, and sky rockets success!

I completely understand how it feels to struggle with what you want to say, and when it feels like you’re surrounded by others engaged in a shouting match, it’s all the more exasperating. It’s exhausting spending hours trying to write about what you do, what you have to offer – and why. It’s unbelievably infuriating when you keep drawing a blank! It’s draining and soul sapping … but it doesn’t have to be.

And you’re not here just to make money – you’re here to make a meaningful impact.

While diversity and inclusion is a hot “trend” in a lot of industries in 2023, true inclusivity isn’t just about paying lip service to diversity – it’s about embracing it and embedding it in the very fabric of your communication with the world.

I’m here to help you bring your unique story to life, to craft copy that not only sells but builds bridges and meaningful connections.    


I escaped from the city!

I was a corporate Executive Assistant in London for nearly 20 years, and I’d lost the love. With a hefty commute and an increasingly joyless job, the grind of the corporate world didn’t fulfill my desire to make a difference.

Yet I loved writing, I always have – and it was always an essential part of my work.

I learned it’s not just what you do that counts, but how you do it. It’s not just what you say that counts, but how. I realised we all want and do things differently, and my corporate life wasn’t giving me what I needed as a result.

I’m married to Ben, a fellow writer and lover of all kinds of music and mystery drama. We’re Columbo obsessives and I’d love to be able to hook a great twist with a dark thriller one day, but that’s another story! We live in Tonbridge, Kent with our two moggies, having moved from London in 2014. We haven’t looked back since!

Sam the Copywriter with Leela the cat

I left the city in 2018 and took the plunge as a solopreneur and Virtual Assistant. Using my organisational skills, I helped clients get control of their businesses. But I noticed a common pattern with business owners – they struggled to communicate what they wanted to say, or to attract their dream clients. They struggled with making money in their business because they didn’t know how to get their message across. Because I know how important it is to communicate clearly, and what it’s like trying to be visible in the online world, I decided it was my mission to help others do this. Every business must present themselves clearly and with purpose – on their websites, blogs, social media, e-mail, articles, newsletters and more.

Armed with a passion for words and good English, and an obsession of how SEO and Google works, I’ve invested in some professional training to ensure I can deliver top class services. I fully understand the impact of well written and impactful copy and, like all good business owners, I have some fantastic mentors and coaches.

Without effective, planned communication and copy, your business will drift into the ether and struggle to get off the ground, let alone grow.

When we work together, you’ll never have to worry about what to write again. I’ll give you a much better understanding of how compelling copywriting works when we start, taking you through each step of the way, so you don’t have to worry about a thing. My copy will help you find the voice within, so you can say what you mean at last.

Say It Better With Captivating Words

If you want your message to pop, zing, persuade, kerpow, and impress – let’s talk.

Here’s where and how to get in touch:
Mobile: 07910 756246
Email: sam@escapefromthecity.co.uk

Say it better with captivating words

If you want your message to pop, zing, persuade, kerpow, and impress – let’s talk.

Here’s where and how to get in touch:
Mobile: 07910 756246
Email: sam@escapefromthecity.co.uk

Ailene Young

Ailene Young

“Well, where do I start? 

As business owners, we think we can do everything ourselves … but we can’t!

The copywriting for my website has been everything and more than I expected. 

Despite having my website set up for over a year, I just ignored it, using social media instead of this great business hub I should have been using.

Sam took me through all the details, asking me lots of questions about my business and my plans I have for it on a zoom call. I explained my big ideas and ran through my life and all my skills – Sam was so patient with me. 

She was able to compile all the information I blurted out into a format that will make my website a place of interest and hopefully one that will lead to future sales.

I felt that Sam listened to me and understood my ideas and who I was and was a great sounding board for my future plans.

I would recommend Sam to you without hesitation.

Ailene Young – Aycan Virtual – Business Support and Virtual Assistant

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