Social media is a fantastic tool and very powerful, but it’s totally unavoidable in this day and age when building a business.  If you don’t like it, then why not embrace it rather than shun it?

Get on to a platform that is going to be right for you and your business.  You do not need an expensive social media manager as you start out because you can think about that as you grow and evolve. Learn the simple things first and have fun with it!

I’m an 80’s girl, I’ve had to learn how to utilise social media for the benefit of my business, so if SM drives you potty, here are my top tips for avoiding the fanfare so you can use it strategically:

    • Turn off all notifications and stop scrolling mindlessly!  Stick to the few groups and areas that are the most important to you and schedule a time to login, reply to messages, network and post content.
    • Avoid being bothered about what anyone else is doing.  The opinions of others are not important. Stay in your own lane.  
    • You do NOT need to be on every SM platform!  Pick two platforms max that work for you and work on those.
    • You do NOT need to be an “influencer” to succeed in business.  There are a lot of shouters on SM but a lot of it is white noise and completely unnecessary.  There are plenty of people who are quietly building their businesses online and who are also smashing it!  Let them do their thing while you do yours.
    • Stop trying to be someone else.  Always be YOU, warts and all.