You’ve decided that you want to start your own business. You’ve had it with your day job, you’re dying to get out and do your own thing and now is the time!

What do you do next?  Just quit? Dive right in?  It’s exciting to have a new business idea and many of us, myself included have jumped straight in and worked out the kinks after. In my experience, it pays to do a little research and planning before cutting the safety net away.

Have a look at my top tips for launching your business and see whether there’s anything you may not have considered. 

    • Do your research. What is your actual idea?  What do you want (versus need) to achieve? Is anyone else doing the same thing?  How is what you are going to offer different from everyone else who’s already offering similar?
    • Write a simple business plan and map out some goals.  It needn’t be long or complex. Start with a 3 – 6 key things that you need to focus on over 3 – 6 months.
    • Work out a minimal budget to get you through those first few months.  Keep it simple! Do not throw money away on things you do not need.
    • Make sure you have a good working laptop with all the software you need (Office 365/GSuite are great), and a space you can work in so your focus is laser sharp. Try and keep work and leisure spaces separate, but if you have to sit at the kitchen table, make sure it is clear from everyday clutter.
    • Think about having a website. It needn’t be all singing and dancing (or expensive) to start with but it is your shop window and identity, and people will want to see it.  A one page ‘teaser’ website will be fine to start with.