What is a copywriter and what can they do for your business?

Running a business is never easy. We’ve all have that dream of being our own boss so we could take back control in our lives, do what we want and never have to take orders from a boss ever again!

Easy right?

Being self employed is never an easy option and it’s certainly not for everyone – but it’s achievable, given the right advice, support and simple elements (once you know) to get you off the ground and running. And it takes focus, tenacity and determination, vision, consistency – and the ability to get yourself out there in the big wide world and tell people who you are and what you do and – more importantly – how you can help others to achieve what they want to and need in life.

The point in setting up in business, marketing and selling to others is – to give people a solution in their life that will transform them from where they are now, to where they want to be. And that could be anything.

Now I could start getting really carried away and start talking about human psychology and what makes us tick and why we all do what we do to get to where we want to be in life. But that’s for another blog!

One of the most important parts to starting, and growing a business is connecting with and building an audience. Not in an icky, salesy, horrible way but with genuine intention and integrity. And that’s achievable if you’re just yourself. By talking to people face to face and getting online to tell people who you are is the best way to connect to people.

People will always do business with people they know, like and trust.

But not everyone finds that easy. Often, people find the higgledy piggledy mess in their head difficult to get out and convey into words – written or spoken – so they end up frozen in the mire that’s inside their head. Running a business feels like you’re swimming against the tide with no end in sight of what you want to say, when or why you want to say it. So, you end up saying nothing. And then nothing happens … and you end up stuck with the distinct possibility that the dream of ever having a business fading into the ether.

If people can’t see you, they’ll never be able to do business with you. And they want what you have to offer. It doesn’t have to be this way!

That’s where someone who’s a copywriter comes in.

What is a copywriter?

A copywriter is someone who writes clear, compelling copy (words) in various mediums – website copy, blogs, emails, newsletters, email campaigns, sales pages and emails, case studies, articles, social media content – amongst other things.

A copywriter translates what you want to say, in your voice, so your audience get all the feels for you and how their life can be transformed with what you have. What you have is the solution to their challenge in life. Writing in a crystal clear, concise way helps your audience connect to you and eventually converts what you have into sales. Simple.

Now in order to get your brand voice and tone right, the copy they produce is usually conducted through an interview/s and research, so they help to build a picture of and awareness of your services and/or products.

7 reasons a copywriter is good for business:

  • They know how to tell your story: A good copywriter has the skills to craft your brand’s story in a way that resonates with your target audience. They know how to communicate your unique selling points and showcase what makes your business stand out.
  • They create compelling content: whether it’s website copy, social media posts, or emails campaigns, a copywriter can create engaging content that captures the attention of your audience and drives conversions.
  • They save you time: writing effective copy takes time and effort, and as a business owner, your time is precious. By hiring a copywriter, you can free up your time to focus on other important aspects of your business.
  • They provide a fresh perspective: sometimes, as business owners, we can get stuck in our own ways of thinking. A copywriter can offer a fresh perspective and new ideas to help your business stand out.
  • They understand SEO: a copywriter can help you optimise your website content for search engines, improving your online visibility and driving traffic to your site.
  • They bring professionalism: a professional copywriter can help your business appear more polished and credible, building trust with your audience and attracting more customers.
  • They adapt to your brand voice: a good copywriter can capture the tone and voice of your brand, ensuring that all of your content is consistent and on-brand.

In conclusion, a copywriter can be an invaluable asset to your business. They can help you tell your story, create compelling copy and content, save you time, provide a fresh perspective, understand SEO, bring professionalism, and adapt to your brand voice.

If you have any questions you’d like to ask – please drop me a message anytime!