We’re bombarded with information and promises from online marketers at every turn. How do you stay focussed on YOUR business goals without getting distracted by other people’s promises of a quick fix?

A few simple tips will keep you on track.

My top tips are:

  • Focus on what YOU want to achieve!  Ignore what anyone else is doing.
  • Always be real, always be you – 100% authentic.
  • By all means do your research and invest in training that will help you and your business, but shop around for the programme that’s going to get you the results you’re looking for.
  • Map out 3 month goals to start with and stick to them. Be as clear as you can about your business idea and just get started.  
  • Get your diary organised. Focus on 1-3 things at a time in order of priority in your week.  You do NOT need to juggle everything at once. Businesses evolve as you grow.
  • Put time aside for you. Self-care and family time are essential!
  • Take action, don’t procrastinate – and be consistent.  Without any of this, none of the above will be relevant.  Start from somewhere and keep looking forward.